Are you in the process of planning the perfect outdoor wedding? At Ann’s, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver all the amenities of a luxury reception hall with one of our premium outdoor tents.

Outdoor weddings provide a magical venue where you, your spouse, and your loved ones can celebrate your marriage. Our wedding tents can provide an intimate and serene space where you’re able to commemorate one of the most spectacular milestones of your life.

Wedding Tents from Ann’s Party Rentals

Our Staten Island tent rental company offers a selection of frame, canopy, and pole tents in our inventory. Choose from one of our below options to accommodate any small or large wedding ceremony and reception. We also offer heated tents to make sure you and your guests stay warm during the cooler months.

  • Frame Tents: Frame tents are perfect for large wedding ceremonies and receptions. This type of tent allows for the most customization since they can be set up on any surface. Frame tents maximize the amount of interior space used since they do not need interior poles to stand.
  • Heated Tents: Heated tents are a necessity if you’re wedding reception or ceremony happens during cooler months of the year. The heat from these tents keeps your guests warm and comfortable during your wedding ceremony and throughout the rest of the reception.
  • Canopy Tents: Canopy tents are the smallest type of tent in our inventory, but offer the shade and shelter necessary to keep guests comfortable. They are perfect for food or beverage stations during your wedding reception. Canopies can also be used as a small space for guests to cool down during the warmer months. They also offer shelter from light wind and rain showers on your special day.
  • Pole Tents: Pole tents are very easy to set up, but can only be installed on asphalt or grass. They maximize space and accommodate a large number of people.
  • Tent Decorations: If you’re looking to add customization and pizzaz to your tents, we offer white window sidewalls, liners, and leg covers. We also offer a selection of lights to make both the interior and exterior of your tent look enchanting throughout the entire evening.

Wedding Party Rental Packages

Not only do we offer a wide selection of wedding tents for rent in Staten Island, but we also have a dedicated team of servers, bartenders, and chefs to help you keep your guests full and satisfied throughout the day.

Our team can work with your caterer directly to ensure your day goes exactly as planned. Our staff will make sure your guests are happy with the food and service provided, so you can spend more time creating memories that will last a lifetime!

Staten Island Tent Rentals

If you’re looking to plan your next outdoor wedding, contact our team at Ann’s Party Rentals. We’ve been helping residents in Staten Island organize their dream weddings for over 35 years and would be honored to help you with yours!