Corporate Events

At Ann’s, we have over 30 years catering to the specific needs of our corporate clients.

Ann’s prides itself on over 30 years exprience renting to the business of Central and Northern New Jersey. If you’re in charge of planning your company’s annual picnic, or need seating for a big on-site presentation, let Ann’s be your partner and one-stop-shop. We can equip your event with everything from ribbon to red carpet, and our planners have the expertise to provide everything you need and can help you stay in budget.

Whether its an outdoor tent, popcorn machines, a few balloons or thousands of chairs, Ann’s can make outfitting your event a breeze. Give one of our event planners a call today and we’ll make sure this year’s picnic outshines all the ones you’ve had before.

Be a guest at your own event! Our team of BARTENDERS, SERVERS AND CHEFS can make your event enjoyable and stress free. Call today for details.

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