5 Party Ideas to Celebrate Your College Graduate

Any type of graduation deserves to be acknowledged, and graduation from college is one of the most significant. With many college graduations on the horizon, you will want to make sure your graduate is celebrated with a party to be remembered for a lifetime.

At Ann’s Party Rentals, we’ve been proud to serve the New Jersey and Staten Island area as their go-to party rental company for over 35 years. We offer a variety of tent, chair, table, and party rental supplies to help you make your college graduate’s event one they won’t soon forget.

From experience, we know planning a college graduation party can sometimes be stressful. Here are five tips for celebrating the special occasion to make sure it’s memorable.

  1. If You Have a Backyard, Celebrate There!

Details of how everyone will eat and drink are an important part of organizing an outdoor college graduation party. If you have a yard big enough to accommodate, host the party in your backyard or public park to save money on an expensive venue.

It’s easy to put the backdrop of your event together, especially when hiring a party rental company like Ann’s. Renting a large tent or canopy for protection from heat or rain solidifies that all guests will have a safe and accommodating place to enjoy the festivities. Smaller tents can also accommodate food and drink items, or provide a place where gift boxes can be set up for cards or other goodies.

While renting out an entire event space is great, you’d end up spending more money purchasing the event venue's alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Having your son or daughter’s college graduation party in your own backyard ensures that you can get the right amount of food, drinks, and other supplies without going overboard. It’s also comforting to know that guests will be safe the entire night and may have a place to stay if things get a little too crazy.

Our team at Ann’s has all the essentials to make sure your backyard celebration is a success. We can help you decipher how many tables and chairs to rent, and the types of tents needed, and can also provide supplies for food and beverage services.

Large or small, your celebration will have all the necessary chafing dishes, cooking utensils, dining furniture, and other party equipment there when you need it. 

  1. Create a Slideshow of the Graduate's Life

Whether you choose to have the graduation party in the backyard or inside, a slide show of the graduate is sure to bring laughter and tears.

Early photos of your grad and through the years to college graduation will remind those close how special life can be. Any memories that include guests at the party will add to the enjoyment. 

  1. Decorate in the Theme of the Graduate's New Career

A career in healthcare might have more ready-made decoration ideas but decorating for a more obscure career could be part of the fun.

Friends and family can be part of the decorating process if you ask everyone to bring an item that speaks to the particular field the graduate has chosen.

Get ready for lots of laughter as decorating becomes part of the celebration. Catching a second wind as everyone relaxes around a table or gathered inside a tent might bring new ideas to mind. 

  1. Find Out Who Knows More About the Graduate

Help celebrate graduation from college with a guessing game to find out who knows the most about the person of honor.

You might be surprised at what friends and family know or don't know about the grad. Questions might be related to your graduate's family life and growing up years, early school days, or college times.

Do you hope to elicit laughter or some embarrassing memories? As long as it's all in fun, it will contribute to a great day. 

  1. Invite Guests to Participate in a Memory Book

Years from now, the graduate will love the opportunity to look back on this special time with fond memories.

Invite guests to bring a story or anecdote in a letter or in a card, or a photo to show your graduate how important they have been to someone. As life moves forward, people often forget the little things that meant so much at the time. 

Let Ann’s Help You Celebrate Your College Graduation

Our team at Ann’s Party Rentals knows a thing or two about how to celebrate college graduation and make it a memorable event. We’re here to help you do the heavy lifting by providing all of the party rental equipment you’ll need to help make this event one guest and your graduate won’t soon forget.

Contact our team today to help celebrate your graduate's milestone. We’ve happily been serving families in the New Jersey and Staten Island areas for over 35 years and are here to help you spend more time enjoying the graduation festivities with your college graduate. At Ann’s, we’ve got you covered.